We've designed this rang of cakes to be perfect for 1/2, 1st and 2nd Birthdays, where you want to treat you baby to a delicious birthday cake, but aren't quite ready for them to eat so much sugar!

These cakes are refined sugar free, but still taste delicious so everyone at you party can enjoy them just as much as your baby! 

These cakes can be ordered in a '1/2 cake' design or in the shape of a number 1 or 2, decorated beautifully. We can also do whole cake versions as they are not exclusively for children. 

Choose from:

Banana, Apple and Blueberry Flavour, with Double Cream Icing

Raspberry and Coconut with Coconut Icing

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing 

 Blueberry Babkycake


1 or 2 Shape (serves 15 - 20): £35.00 

23cm Cake (Serves 10 - 14): £25.00

20cm 1/2 cake (Serves 5 - 10): £20.00